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"The twenty first century is the century of Asia"
It has been a while since such words were told. Today, it is no doubt that Asia is the area to lead the rest of world, as we have been faced with the actual economic status in Europe, United States and worldwide.
In Asia, the needs for food have been shifting as the economy changes people's diet and food culture; a food not just fills our stomach but also creates the value of safety, beauty and health.
Japanese food business holds broad potential to provide such value, while the world pays attention to the hospitality (Omotenashi) and food culture in Japan.
As long as I know from my experience through the management in China and ASEAN, the success in running restaurant and retailing business in foreign countries owes to "appropriate location," "established product," and "reliable local partner."
Reflecting on these agendas, our association will make efforts to achieve three missions below;

- Networking with those who are engaged in food business in Asia
- Bringing up succeeding generations in food business
- Supporting business by making use of intelligence and analysis

Along with these missions, we aim to establish our sister organizations in other Asian countries within 10 years and build up the network that contributes to the development of Asian food life. We welcome everybody to join the association that is a platform for the members to learn from each other and compete for future growth.

Basic Philosophy

Nurtured by the spirit of "wa" (harmony), Japan's hospitality now gets attention from all over the world. We are sending out our hospitality to the countries of Asia.
While promoting international exchange in the food business industry between Asia and Japan, we hope to contribute to the development of food culture, people's health and contented society.

The spirit of "wa" is essential for every human being and every substance to coexist. It means to harmonize in nature with seasons, weathers, climates, and environment, while it tells us to know each other and respect difference in religion, ethnicity, history, culture, and custom. It is the way of life toward cooperation, symbiosis, and coexistence to share something good and make it better.

Global Vision 2022

We will build the largest Asian network for food business, by increasing the number of member to 1000 and establishing the base of activity in every Asian country.

We plan to hold the "Asian Food Business Summit" in Asian countries; we intend to promote international exchange in business, human resource, and culture through the communication with national and local governments, enterprises, and experts.

As the entrance to successful global business, we will set up the "Business School for Next Generation" for the motivated entrepreneurs; we intend to bring up the enterprises for food business competitive in the world.

Secretariat of Asian Food Business Association

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